Welcome to Middle School


The secondary section of the British American School offers a trilingual and multicultural education which enriches the official SEP program using a curriculum provided by Knotion. This learning platform is an award winning enterprise with over 20 years’ experience in academics.  The curriculum is both the SEP approved in Spanish and Common Core Aligned in English.

All curriculums are contained on the tool of an Ipad that each student will use in increments throughout the school day.  All lessons will be led by the teacher yet allow students to work both independently and collaboratively to learn, solve and create on their own and in a team.

In addition to the material contained on the tablet, all levels of junior high will continue with their exhaustive Reading and Math workshops.  We will continue to maintain our focus on high quality writers and enthusiastic readers. Thanks to the 80,000 books available on the platform´s library, our students will have a vast array of titles at their fingertips.

Trilingual Learning System

At British American School, we provide our students with the best academic quality in each subject in our trilingual program designed to take your children at the secondary level to develop the best thinking skills. Learn the importance of a trilingual program.

Relevant New Knowledgs

We demand higher standards than normal, always committing ourselves to achieve the highest levels of education with values.
We all know that every day everything is changing very fast, that’s why we integrate new knowledge to our students to make a difference in their children in the search for leadership.

School Trips

In the school community, together and with the greatest and strict care for each student, year after year we make cultural trips that integrate knowledge, forming unity and memories that will last forever.