Welcome to Kindergarten


The education given at British American School is fully english immerse and with a high academic level, we also introduce french, and start to teach kids the responsable and useful use of technology on there advantage; secular, humanistic, multicultural and carriers of an ecological and peaceful culture

This is why in Preschool we develop the abilities of thinking, speaking, learning and reasoning with a high impact over the present and future behavior of our students. Our pedagogical model incorporates programs and methodologies that garanties an international vanguard vision.

 Extracurricular Activities

Complementing extracurricular activities, enforces learning and personality of students.

Kindergarten Team

We know how important it is for you that your children have the best teachers.
At British American School we carefully select the team of professionals that make up our institution.

Miss Mariana Acosta
Coordinadora de Kinder 

One of the most important stages of development is Kindergarten, this will set the foundations of their education.
At British we strive every day with our team of professionals to give our best in a healthy and loving environment.

Miss Gaby
Apoyo Pre-Maternal 

Miss María
Preprimaria Inglés 

Miss Esmeralda
Preprimaria Español

Miss Renata
Kinder 2