Welcome to Primary School


British-Primary school goal is to facilitate all students with a trilingual education which will help them grow social skills and develop individual capacities as well as build the foundation for everyday living and set the transfer for high school.

To guarantee the integral education throwout the six years of primary schooling, at British we focus half the day in a total immersion english classes and the other half in spanish signatures.

Primary school at British is a place of apprenticeship, fun, emotions and values. A space where students interact with learning throws different ecosystems and strategies that will get them closer to science, literature and life itself.

Extra Programs

Complementation of activities strengthen the learning and personality of the students.

Extended School Time


We know how important it is to you that your children continue to learn in a recreational coexistence with academic reinforcements, or while you finish your work activities. This will enrich children’s interaction with classmates, straighten their communications skills and values.


We guide them with the Homework Club, and initiative kids in learning arts and cultural activities. At British extended school time we offer a balanced nutritional diet and promote the sports as a lifestyle. 

Monday to Thursday 3:00pm to 5:00pm